Black Sabbath, Vol. 4


Black Sabbath, Vol. 4
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Released: 1972, 25 September
Labels: Warner Brothers
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  Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 8:14 Lyrics
  Tomorrow's Dream (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 3:12 Lyrics
  Changes (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 4:46 Lyrics
  FX (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 1:43 Lyrics
  Supernaut (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 4:45 Lyrics
  Snowblind (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 5:31 Lyrics
  Cornucopia (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 3:54 Lyrics
  Laguna Sunrise (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 2:53 Lyrics
  St. Vitus Dance (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 2:29 Lyrics
  10  Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward) - 5:50 Lyrics
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Tony Iommi - Lead Guitar & Keyboards
Geezer Butler - Bass
Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
Bill Ward - Drums
Produced by Patrick Meehan and Black Sabbath
Engineers: Colin Caldwell/Vic Smith
Recorded at Record Plant Los Angeles


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