Breakfast in America


Breakfast in America
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Artist: Supertramp
Released: 1979, 29 March
Labels: A&M Records
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Recorded: 1978 at The Village Recorder/Studio B , Los Angeles, California

Rick Davies - keyboards, vocals
John Helliwell - saxophones, vocals, woodwinds
Roger Hodgson - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Bob Siebenberg - drums
Dougie Thomson - bass
Slyde Hyde - trombone, tuba

Producers: Peter Henderson, Supertramp
Rehearsal: Southcombe Studios, Burbank, CA
Recording: The Village Recorder/Studio B, Los Angeles, CA
Mixing: Crystal Sound/Studio B, Los Angeles, CA
Engineer: Peter Henderson of Air London
Assistant engineers: Lenise Bent, Jeff Harris
Re-Mastering (2002): Greg Calbi, Jay Messina
Oberheim Programming: Gary Mielke
Concert sound engineer: Russel Pope
Art direction: Mike Doud, Mick Haggerty
Design: Mick Haggerty
Cover design: Mick Haggerty
Cover art concept: Mike Doud
Artwork: Mike Doud
Photography: Mark Hanauer
Cover photo: Aaron Rapoport


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