Supertramp are a British progressive rock band that had a series of top-selling albums in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Were formed in 1969, during 1988-1997 were inactive.

Members are:

Rick Davies (born Richard Davies, July 22, 1944 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England) - vocals, piano, harmonica, keyboards (1971-present)

John Helliwell (born John Anthony Helliwell, February 15, 1945 in Todmorden, Yorkshire, England) - saxophone, woodwinds, backing vocal, keyboards, melodica (1973-present)

Bob Siebenberg (born Robert Layne Siebenberg, October 31, 1949 in Glendale, California, USA, and often credited as Bob C. Benberg) - drums, percussion (1973-present)

Mark Hart - vocals, keyboards, guitar (1984-present)

Former members:

Kevin Currie (born in Liverpool, Lancashire) - percussion (1971-1972)

Frank Farrell (born in 1947 in Birmingham, Warwickshire) - backing vocal, bass, piano, accordion (1971-1972)

Roger Hodgson - vocals, lead, acoustic and bass guitars (1970-1983)

Cliff Hugo - bass (1997-2002)

Robert Millar (born February 2, 1950) - percussion, harmonica (1970-1971)

Jesse Siebenberg - drums, percussion (1997-2002)

Dougie Thomson (born Douglas Campbell Thomson, March 24, 1951 in Rutherglen, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland) - bass (1973-1988)

Richard Palmer (born Richard Jeffrey Charles Palmer-James, June 11, 1947, in Bournemouth, Dorset) - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, balalaika (1970-1971)

Lee Thornburg - backing vocals, trombone, trumpet (1987-1988, 1997-2002)

Carl Verheyen - guitars (1985-1986, 1997-2002)

Tom Walsh - percussion (1997)

Dave Winthrop (born November 27, 1948, in New Jersey, USA) - vocals, flute, saxophone (1971-1972)


Average album rating 1970 Supertramp  
Average album rating 1971 Indelibly Stamped  
Average album rating 1974 Crime of the Century  
Average album rating 1975 Crisis? What Crisis?  
Average album rating 1977 Even in the Quietest Moments  
Average album rating 1979 Breakfast in America  
Average album rating 1980 Paris  Live
Average album rating 1982 ...Famous Last Words...  
Average album rating 1985 Brother Where You Bound  
Average album rating 1987 Free as a Bird  
Average album rating 1992 The Very Best of Supertramp  Compilation
Average album rating 1997 Some Things Never Change  
Average album rating 2000 The Very Best of Supertramp, Vol. 2  Compilation
Average album rating 2001 Is Everybody Listening?  Live
Average album rating 2002 Slow Motion  
Average album rating 2005 Retrospectacle - The Supertramp Anthology  Compilation