Indelibly Stamped


Indelibly Stamped
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Artist: Supertramp
Released: 1971, June
Labels: A&M Records
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  Your Poppa Don't Mind (Davies, Hodgson) - 3:02 Lyrics
  Travelled (Davies, Hodgson) - 4:28 Lyrics
  Rosie Had Everything Planned (Farrell, Hodgson) - 3:05 Lyrics
  Remember (Davies, Hodgson) - 4:11 Lyrics
  Forever (Davies, Hodgson) - 4:57 Lyrics
  Potter (Davies, Hodgson) - 2:23 Lyrics
  Coming Home to See You (Davies, Hodgson) - 4:46 Lyrics
  Times Have Changed (Davies, Hodgson) - 3:50 Lyrics
  Friend in Need (Davies, Hodgson) - 2:07 Lyrics
  10  Aries (Davies, Hodgson) - 7:37 Lyrics
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Recorded: April-May 1971

Kevin Currie - percussion, drums
Rick Davies - harmonica, keyboard, vocals
Frank Farrell - bass, piano, accordion, background vocals
Roger Hodgson - acoustic guitar, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals
Dave Winthrop - flute, saxophone, vocals
Rufus Cartwright - tape operator
Supertramp - producer
Bob Hall - engineer


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