Crime of the Century


Crime of the Century
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Artist: Supertramp
Released: 1974, February
Labels: A&M Records
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Recorded: February-June 1974

Bob C. Benberg - Drums, Percussion
Roger Hodgson - Vocals, Guitar, Pianos
John Anthony Helliwell - Saxophones, Clarinets, Vocals
Dougie Thomson - Bass
Richard Davies - Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica

Christine Helliwell, Vicky Siebenberg, Scott Gorham - Backup vocals on "Hide in Your Shell"
(Uncredited, unknown street musician) - Saw on "Hide in Your Shell"
Ken Scott - Water gong on "Crime of the Century"

Ken Scott, Supertramp - Producers
Ken Scott, John Jansen - Engineers
Richard Hewson - String arrangements
Paul Wakefield - Cover design, photography
Fabio Nicoli - Art direction


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