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Artist: Supertramp
Released: 1970, July
Labels: A&M Records
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  Surely (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 0:31 Lyrics
  It's a Long Road (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 5:33 Lyrics
  Aubade and I Am Not Like the Other Birds of Prey (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 5:17 Lyrics
Average song rating Words Unspoken (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 3:59 Lyrics
  Mayber I'm a Beggar (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 6:44 Lyrics
  Home Again (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 1:15 Lyrics
  Nothing to Show (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 4:53 Lyrics
  Shadow Song (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 4:23 Lyrics
  Try Again (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 12:02 Lyrics
  10  Surely (Davies, Hodgson, Palmer) - 3:08 Lyrics
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Recorded: 1969-1970

Rick Davies - Organ, Harmonica, Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Piano (Electric), Vocals
Roger Hodgson - Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Cello, Flageolet, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Vocals
Robert Millar - Harmonica, Percussion
Bob Miller - Drums
Richard Palmer - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Balalaika, Guitar (Electric), Vocals

Supertramp - Producer
Robin Black - Engineer


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