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Released: 1970, 20 April
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Average song rating The Lovely Linda (0:43) Lyrics
Average song rating That Would Be Something (2:38) Lyrics
Average song rating Valentine Day (1:39) Lyrics
Average song rating Every Night (2:31) Lyrics
Average song rating Hot as Sun / Glasses (2:05) Lyrics
Average song rating Junk (1:54) Lyrics
Average song rating Man We Was Lonely (2:56) Lyrics
Average song rating Oo You (2:48) Lyrics
Average song rating Momma Miss America (4:04) Lyrics
Average song rating 10  Teddy Boy (2:22) Lyrics
Average song rating 11  Singalong Junk (2:34) Lyrics
Average song rating 12  Maybe I'm Amazed (3:50) Lyrics
Average song rating 13  Kreen-Akrore (4:15) Lyrics
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Producer: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney - all instruments and voices
Linda McCartney - harmonies

Label: Apple STAO 3363


Site visitor reviews
10/10 Kool Aid (December 15, 2012)
His solo masterpiece, along with RAM. This is what today we would call an Indie/Lo-Fi album, and it was released in 1970! Full of raw pop gems, like "Every Night", the beautiful "Junk", and the wonderful "Maybe I'm Amazed", one of the best pop songs ever. Then, will come RAM, another pop masterpiece. Maybe this and Ram are the only albums I really loved from Paul's solo discography, at least until the unexpected amazing "Chaos and Creation In The Backyard", released almost 40 years after!
6/10 Bobber (April 11, 2012)
Nice enough to play every now and then, with a skip here and there. Still enjoyable songs like Every Night, Man We Was Lonely, Oo You and Maybe I'm Amazed. The album shows Paul's open for experiment and he will get my credits for that.
9/10 M??rcio Ivam. (December 14, 2010)
In "Junk", Paul sings "..Memories of you and me..." a sad song, to Jane Asher? "Teddy Boy" is pure Beatles."Maybe I`m Amazed","Every Night", great songs.When it came out, the press talk about "Is Paul,the guilty!".John & Yoko, heroes.Like the George song, "All things must pass...".A beautiful album of great(genius) musician.The time shows that story, not had heroes or bandits.
5/10 Rob C (December 3, 2010)
When it came out, I thought it was pretty good. On reflection after 40 years, it seems half-baked and ordinary. It was criticized as being a sort of ego trip with Paul playing everything and the fact that it does seem stilted at times. Save "Maybe I'm Amazed" and "Every Night", this is "b" material from a great song writer.
6/10 Ronald (October 13, 2010)
Paul made this album in his home studio.He wanted it to be simple like a bootleg. But this album has a unique sound and paul liked it so he released it.I think this album completely serves its purpose. A home-made record so to speak.Critics were disapointed including john because paul always demands perfectionism in the studio but this album lacks the excellent quality that people expected Paul to create because we all knew that Paul is capable of doing it.For me, only the great tune,"Maybe I'm Amazed" reached that standard.
10/10 nicnac13c (November 7, 2009)
Paul is a genius and a musician's musician. He actually beatboxes on "That Would Be Something" a good ten or fifteen years before anyone else would even think of doing it. He played every instrument himself. He beat a book for percussion on "The Lovely Linda." He used a leg of of his drum on a Stratocaster to simulate the sound of a steel guitar on "Man We Was Lonely."

As was his habit, he healed his deep emotional wounds left by the Beatles break-up with music. If the others could have done that the way Paul did, maybe the break up wouldn't have been so bitchy. Then, he took the ultimate leap when he admitted in the questionare that went out with the advance that the Beatles were over. The others would have been content to lie about it forever. Good for him.

I get irritated when people call this an album of outtakes. Understand he recorded most of this stuff at home with crude equipment, no vu meter and only one mic. Fans of bad movies can equate this album to Rocky working out in Siberia to prepare for the big fight in Rocky IV.
9/10 Erika (June 7, 2007)
This is a very good album, especially the songs \"Maybe I\'m Amazed,\" \"Every Night,\" \"Junk,\" and \"Oo You.\" My only complaint is that there\'s too many instrumentals. I like a good instrumental once in a while, but keep it to one or two per album please! Overall, though, a great album, one of his best.
10/10 Stefan (March 21, 2006)
This is my first solo McCartney album..I like the tunes...Best Sogs - Junk, Maybe I´m amazed..
This album souds very peacefuly...
7/10 T.A. from Connecticut (August 8, 2005)
i still have the original album from 35 yrs. ago, do i need to say more...the beatles together and paul, john, george and ringo individually were masters all in their own right...they will always rock on...
8/10 Bruce Beatlefan (July 18, 2005)
Sir Paul, when asked the overall theme of this album, replied
(not an exact quote): "Domesticity, love, devotion". Now a lot of
folks who don't care for this album are probably objecting to this
intention--after all, isn't rock music supposed to be rebellion and
social angst and related torments? What Paul does here he does beau-tifully: a homespun sound overflowing with...well...domesticity,
love, and devotion. I listen to this album (and Ram as well) and
his clear joy of being with Linda and away from his hassle-laden
former mates (alas!) is a wonder to listen to. And there is room
for some rock (Mama Miss America, Oo You), some fun (That Would be
Something, Man We was Lonely), some classic Paul singles (Maybe I'm Amazed, Every Night), some experimenting (Kreen-Akrore--what the heck is that??). A lovely album.

6/10 John (July 14, 2005)
Paul McCartney's solo career gets off to a shaky start here. This album sounds like a bunch of outtakes. Thats probably what he wanted coming on the heels of the well produced Abbey Road. The real diamond here is Maybe I'm Amazed. An incredible love song. Might be his best ever. Every Night is also a nice little ditty. Paul certainly did love the lovely Linda and it shows on this album. Unfortunately too many of the songs are half finished or forgettable. It's not a terrible album, it's not that good either.
10/10 kyle (March 26, 2005)
pure excellence
one of the best albums i have ever heard although all i listen to is beatles and solo careers but there is not one bad song.

A must have.
10/10 Leslie from Hungary (July 7, 2004)
This album is Paul's masterpiece! Collecton of brilliant and simple songs (like Every night, Man we was lonely) and very special instrumental pieces (Valentine Day, Momma miss America).
This album is an another clue after the Beatles: Paul is a very special talent, a brilliant songwriter! Paul is a genius! This album is a masterpiece of a MASTER!
10/10 Harry (May 27, 2004)
Enjoyable home made affair that would have been far superior if it did not inlude the lame and pathetic Teddy Boy.

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