Distant Light


Distant Light
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Artist: The Hollies
Released: 1971, December
Labels: EMI Parlophone, Epic
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  What a Life I've Led (Hicks, Lynch) - 3:58 Lyrics
  Look What We've Got (Hicks, Lynch) - 4:07 Lyrics
  Hold on (Clarke) - 4:07 Lyrics
  Pull Down the Blind (Sylvester) - 3:30 Lyrics
  To Do With Love (Hicks, Lynch) - 3:29 Lyrics
  Promised Land (Hicks, Lynch) - 4:20 Lyrics
  Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) (Clarke, Cook, Greenaway) - 3:19 Lyrics
  You Know the Score (Clarke, Sylvester) - 5:37 Lyrics
  Cable Car (Sylvester) - 4:25 Lyrics
  10  A Little Thing Like Love (Clarke, Macaulay) - 3:19 Lyrics
  11  Long Dark Road (Hicks, Lynch) - 4:16 Lyrics
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Labels: Parlophone PAS 10005 (UK), Epic KE 30958 (US)

Mikael Rickfors - Lead vocals, Guitar
Bernie Calvert - Bass, Vocals
Bobby Elliott - Drums, Vocals
Tony Hicks - Guitar, Vocals
Terry Sylvester - Guitar, Vocals
Allan Clarke - Vocals

The Hollies, Ron Richards - Producers
John Punter - Engineer
Alex Harding, Alan Harris, Simaen Skofield - Assistant Engineers
John Scott - Arranger, Conductor
Hipgnosis - Photography, Sleeve Design


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