Close to the Edge


Close to the Edge
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Artist: Yes
Released: 1972, 13 September
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  Close to the Edge: The Solid Time of Change/Total Mass Retain/I Get up, I Get Down/Seasons of Man (Anderson/Howe/Squire) - 18:36 Lyrics
  An And You and I: Cord of Life/Eclipse/The Preacher the Teacher/Apocalypse (Anderson/Bruford/Squire) - 10:13 Lyrics
  Siberian Khatru (Anderson) - 8:57 Lyrics
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Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
Jon Anderson - Vocals
Bill Bruford - Percussion, Drums
Steve Howe - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass, Vocals
Yes - Arranger, Producer
Roger Dean - Design, Photography, Cover Design, Paintings, Logo, Cover Art
Barry Diament - Mastering
Eddie Offord - Producer
Martin Adelman - Photography


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10/10 john cocks (October 4, 2006)
This was my second YES album almost 30 years which started off buying every YES album i could find, yes its that good.A album that takes you into the weird and wonderful world of YES,CLOSE TO THE EDGE is proberley their best album 3, tracks but the music is worth a thousand, the muscianship is class from every band member, a joy to listen too. If this turns out to be your first YES album ,trust me it wont be your last.

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