Dark Horse


Dark Horse
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Released: 1974, 9 December
Labels: Capitol
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Average song rating Hari's on Tour (Express) (Harrison) - 4:44 Lyrics
Average song rating Simply Shady (Harrison) - 4:38 Lyrics
Average song rating So Sad (Harrison) - 5:01 Lyrics
Average song rating Bye Bye Love (Bryant/Bryant) - 4:08 Lyrics
Average song rating M?ya Love (Harrison) - 4:24 Lyrics
Average song rating Ding Dong, Ding Dong (Harrison) - 3:41 Lyrics
Average song rating Dark Horse (Harrison) - 3:54 Lyrics
Average song rating Far East Man (Harrison/Wood) - 5:52 Lyrics
  It Is He (Jai Sri Krishna) (Harrison) - 4:51 Lyrics
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George Harrison - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
Mick Jones, Ron Wood, Robben Ford, Eric Clapton - Guitars
Billy Preston - Keyboards, Piano (Electric)
Ringo Starr, Jim Keltner, John Guerin, Andy Newmark - Drums
Steve Winwood - Synthesizer, Harmonium, Vocals (bckgr)
Gary Wright - Piano, Keyboards
Roger Kellaway, Nicky Hopkins - Piano
Tom Scott - Flute, Horn, Saxophone
Alvin Lee - Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
Max Bennett, Klaus Voormann Willie Weeks - Bass
Ray Cooper - Percussion
Chuck Findley - Flute, Horn
Patti Harrison, Derrek Van Eaton, Lon & Derrek VanEaton - Vocals
Jim Horn - Flute
Neil Larsen - Synthesizer, Keyboards
Phil McDonald, Kumar Shankar - Engineers
Emil Richards - Percussion, Marimba
Gayle Levant - Harp
Dick Newman - Strings, Horn


Site visitor reviews
6/10 Andy Smith (June 11, 2006)
I think this album is often quite overlooked. It has some great songs on it including So Sad, Maya Love, Far East Man & the title track.
George was quite tired by this stage of his carear & possibly needed a good break from recording but went ahead. His voice shows how fed up he possibly was but overall it is not a bad album.
Some of his great melodies are on here & the guitar work is pretty good.
As a guitarist George was a genius who had an incredible tone. he was very very underated!
The front cover of the album is quite impressive though and the inlay is a funny tribute to the Mel Brooks film The Producers.
6/10 Bruce Beatlefan (February 10, 2006)
At the time the Beatles broke up, I would have predicted that an album like this one (and the next several, as well) would be the George Harrison solo output. Unfortunately, with the superb albums All Things Must Pass and Living in the Material World, George had raised the bar so high that this album comes in as a disappointment. Some of the blame can be laid on the unwell condition of his voice, but really the only songs in the album that suffer from this are \"So Sad\", \"Ding Dong Ding Dong\", and maybe \"Bye Bye Love\"--one may argue that \"Dark Horse\" is actually a better song for the unusual, strained vocals. An okay album.
5/10 Bobber (January 18, 2006)
This album is easy to skip. There\'s nothing new and nothing special compared to All Things Must Pass and Living In The Material World. Not a memorable song on it.
5/10 Graeme Gerrard (November 20, 2005)
BeatleBeatle and I disagree on everything. I think George spread himself a little thin here. There are only 9 songs, one of which is a cover/rip off (ByeByeLove) with bitter undertones toward Patty and Eric Clapton, one is an instrumental (Hari's On Tour) without half the charm of later instrumental songs Greece or Marwa Blues, and one is a co-written flop with Ron Wood. (Far East Man)

It is however, better than anything else released by a Beatle in the mid 1970's so who cares.
9/10 BeatleBeatle (April 2, 2005)
Despite a sickened voice, George delivers a strong album with some of his best guitar work ever.

If you know this album you can review it.

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