Demons & Wizards


Demons & Wizards
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Artist: Uriah Heep
Released: 1972, January
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  The Wizard (Clarke/Hensley) - 2:59 Lyrics
  Traveller in Time (Box/Byron/Kerslake) - 3:26 Lyrics
  Easy Livin' (Hensley) - 2:37 Lyrics
  Poet's Justice (Box/Hensley/Kerslake) - 4:14 Lyrics
  Circle of Hands (Hensley) - 6:27 Lyrics
  Rainbow Demon (Hensley) - 4:30 Lyrics
  All My Life (Box/Byron/Kerslake) - 2:46 Lyrics
  Paradise/The Spell (Hensley) - 12:41 Lyrics
  Why (Box/Byron/Newton/Hensley) Lyrics
  10  Why [Extended version] (Box/Byron/Newton/Hensley) Lyrics
  11  Home Again to You (Hensley/Byron/Box/Thain/Kerslake) Lyrics
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David Byron: Vocals
Ken Hensley: Keyboards, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals
Mick Box: Guitars, Vocals
Gary Thain: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Lee Kerslake: Drums and Percussion, Vocals

Produced by Gerry Bron
Engineer: Peter Gallen
Assistant engineer: Ashley Howe
Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London, March/April 1972
Designed and drawn by Roger Dean
Photography by Dommy Hamilton / Roger Dean

Tracks 9-11 are bonus tracks on remastered 1996 release.


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