Don't Look Back


Don't Look Back
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Artist: Boston
Released: 1978, August
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  Don't Look Back (Scholz) - 5:53 Lyrics
  The Journey (Scholz) - 1:41 Lyrics
  It's Easy (Scholz) - 4:17 Lyrics
  A Man I'll Never Be (Scholz) - 6:25 Lyrics
  Feelin' Satisfied (Scholz) - 4:05 Lyrics
  Party (Delp/Scholz) - 4:00 Lyrics
  Used to Bad News - 2:51 Lyrics
  Don't Be Afraid (Scholz) - 3:36 Lyrics
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Barry Goudreau - Guitar, Percussion, Slide Guitar
Bradley Delp - Guitar, Vocals
Sib Hashain - Percussion, Drums
Tom Scholz - Organ, Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Guitar, Piano, Arranger, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Guitar (12 String), Producer, Engineer
Fran Sheehan - Bass, Percussion


Site visitor reviews
10/10 rexxxlookin (April 19, 2006)
another amazing album from these guys that molded my youth, music wise-each song from the first two albums conjures of tons of memories of a great childhood. each song on this album has it\'s on story in my head...and they still sound good. I crank \'em when they come on the radio. I recall that I paid 4.99 for the album the day it was released. Had to beg my Mom to let me spend my lawn mowing money. It was well worth it, wore the album out on my cheap stereo and memorized every word of the liner notes. HA-used to draw their logo on EVERYTHING.
FOR MARK...I saw them in concert on this tour, my first concert. ticket was 8.50 and Sammy Hagar opened (remember when he was unknown and he actually rocked?it was sooo cool. between the loud music and smell of pot, I was ruined for life. gotta gotta have my music now) anyway...the thing I remember so well ( i was only 13) was Longtime/foreplay. There was an enormous pipe organ on the stage that Tom played and when Longtime kicked in he walked out to center of the stage wearing a full length black cape and totally rocked on the riffs of that classic song (corny but so cool back in \'78)
what can one say about this album that anyone who ever had a radio doesn\'t already (or should know).
10/10 Mark Grainger (March 8, 2006)
I have been listening to Boston since they first came out and still cannot get tired of it. My son and his friends all in their early 20\'s listen to it once or twice then want the albums. My dream was to watch them live but I have never have.

Brilliant band and will always be my favourite band of all time and believe I listen to all types of music

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