Five Live Yardbirds


Five Live Yardbirds
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Released: 1964, December
Labels: Columbia
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  Too Much Monkey Business (Chuck Berry) - 3:51 Lyrics
  Got Love If You Want It (Moore) - 2:40 Lyrics
  Smokestack Lightning (Chester Burnett, Howlin' Wolf) - 5:35 Lyrics
  Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Williamson) - 2:42 Lyrics
  Respectable (Isley, Isley, Isley) - 5:35 Lyrics
  Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd) - 5:18 Lyrics
  Pretty Girl (Ellas McDaniel aka Bo Diddley) - 3:04 Lyrics
  Louise (John Lee Hooker) - 3:43 Lyrics
  I'm a Man (Ellas McDaniel aka Bo Diddley) - 4:33 Lyrics
  10  Here 'Tis (Ellas McDaniel aka Bo Diddley) - 5:10 Lyrics
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Recorded live at London's Marquee Club

Eric Clapton - Guitar
Chris Dreja - Guitar (Rhythm)
Giorgio Gomelsky - Producer, Liner Notes
Jim McCarty - Drums
Keith Relf - Harmonica, Vocals
Paul Samwell-Smith - Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Phillip Wood - Engineer, Sound Effects Engineer
Bill Inglot - Digital Remastering
Richard Rosser - Photography


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