The Animals


The Animals
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Artist: The Animals
Released: 1964, October
Labels: Columbia
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  The Story of Bo Diddley (Burdon, McDaniel)  
  Bury My Body (Kooper, Price)  
  Dimples (Bracken, Hooker)  
  I've Been Around (Domino)  
  I'm in Love Again (Bartholomew, Domino)  
  The Girl Can't Help It (Troup)  
  I'm Mad Again (Hooker) Lyrics
  She Said Yeah (Christy, Jackson) Lyrics
  Night Time Is the Right Time (Herman)  
  10  Memphis Tennessee (Berry) Lyrics
  11  Boom Boom (Hooker) Lyrics
  12  Around and Around (Berry) Lyrics
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Eric Burdon - vocals
Chas Chandler - bass
Hilton Valentine - guitar
John Steel - drums
Alan Price - keyboards


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