Flaming Pie


Flaming Pie
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Released: 1997, 27 May
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Average song rating The Song We Were Singing (3:52) Lyrics
Average song rating The World Tonight (4:03) Lyrics
Average song rating If You Wanna (4:36) Lyrics
Average song rating Somedays (4:11) Lyrics
Average song rating Young Boy (3:54) Lyrics
Average song rating Calico Skies (2:29) Lyrics
Average song rating Flaming Pie (2:27) Lyrics
Average song rating Heaven on a Sunday (4:26) Lyrics
Average song rating Used to be Bad (4:08) Lyrics
Average song rating 10  Souvenir (3:38) Lyrics
Average song rating 11  Little Willow (2:55) Lyrics
Average song rating 12  Really Love You (5:14) Lyrics
Average song rating 13  Beautiful Night (5:03) Lyrics
Average song rating 14  Great Day (2:06) Lyrics
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Producer: Paul McCartney, Jeff Lynne, George Martin
Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Jon Jacobs, Bob Kraushaar
Cover Photo and all other album photography by: Linda McCartney
Sleeveenotes: Mark Lewisohn, Geoff Baker

Paul McCartney - vocal, harmony vocal, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, double bass, harmonium, drums, piano, percussion, 12-string acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar, Hammond organ, harpsichord, vibraphone, mellotron, percussion effects, Fender Rhodes Wurlitzer piano, knee and leg slap/percussion
Linda McCartney - backing vocals (Great Day, Heaven on a Sunday)
Ringo Starr - drums (Really Love You)
Jeff Lynne - harmony vocal, backing vocal, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard
Steve Miller - vocal, backing vocal, electric guitar, rhythm guitar
James McCartney - electric guitar solo (Heaven on a Sunday)

Michael Thompson, Richard Bissill, Richard Watkins, John Pigneguy - French horn (Heaven on a Sunday)

Paul McCartney - lead vocal, acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar, bass guitar
Keith Pascoe, Jackie Hartley, Rita Manning, Peter Manning - violins
Christian Kampen, Martin Loveday - celli
Peter Lale, Levine Andrade - violas
Andy Findon - alto flute
Martin Parry, Michael Cox - flutes
Gary Kettel - percussion
Skaila Kanga - harp
Roy Carter - oboe, cor anglais
David Snell - conductor

Paul McCartney - lead vocal, backing vocal, drums, piano, harpsichord, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar
Jeff Lynne - backing vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard
Kevin Robinson - trumpet
Chris 'Snake' Davis - saxophone
Dave Bishop - baritone saxophone

Label: Capitol CDP 7 27704 4


Site visitor reviews
8/10 Lafe (December 5, 2012)
Just out of boredom I was reading some older reviews and realized I never posted a comment on this album, which I personally regard as possibly the strongest of Paul's later solo career (I'd rank it behind Tug of War and Band on the Run - but ahead of most of the others).

Still, I can always find room for complaint, lol. Too many of these songs don't seem to know when to end and kind of go on a bit longer than necessary. Not a crim in itself, but certainly enough to have crippled the album's marketability. Also, from around 1983 onward Paul either tries to hard to write singles - or chooses the wrong song to serve that purpose. Though it would be an unconventional choice, I always thought Great Day would've done well as a single.
9/10 Bruce Beatlefan (November 18, 2006)
I purchased this CD two years ago (2004) was immediately struck by Sir Paul\'s brief comment explaining how his work on the Beatles Anthology provided fresh inspiration for his new recordings. Even before hearing a single song, I understood why Flaming Pie has been so well received and loved. At long last, Paul was embracing the fact that he was a Beatle! In his comments on the songs, John Lennon\'s name pops up frequently and fondly (in fact, John provided the album\'s title), old mates Ringo and George Martin and Steve Miller (I didn\'t know he was an old mate) sit in for some tracks, and I have a strong sense that Paul McCartney is setting out to share his new music with us and not dazzle us with his virtuosity. So now, the songs...

The music is very high-quality, very Paul McCartney. Paul is content, composed, and at peace with the past (the tracks \"The Song We Were Singing\" and \"Flaming Pie\" directly address the past). The Beatles oldies \"Two of Us\" and \"Things We Said Today\" would fit in very nicely with this collection. Adding to the ambience is the sense of sadness due to Lovely Linda\'s illness which would end her life in 1998 (listen to \"Heaven on a Sunday\", \"Somedays\", and \"Souvenir\"). Each song seems to strike a distinct emotional nerve, which was very characteristic of the Beatles music but definitely not of most of Paul\'s 1980\'s music (or anyone else\'s 1980\'s music). Best tracks: the acoustic love serenade \"Calico Skies\", the soulfoul, vulnerable \"Souvenir\", the elaborately orchestrated \"Somedays\" and \"Beautiful Night\", and the sensitive optimistic \"Little Willow\". Overall, a richly rewarding and uplifting collection of songs.
9/10 Kristina (June 23, 2006)
I LOVE THIS ALBUM. I can\'t stop telling everyone how great I think this album is. There is not much filler on this one. The fact that Ringo and Steve Miller join Paul on four of the songs add a real electric energy to it. Paul\'s son James is on this one too. Top tracks include - \"The Song We Were Singing\", \"If You Wanna\", \"Used To Be Bad\", and my personal favorite \"Calico Skies\". Great road trip disc. Pop it in and drive :)
10/10 Eddie Mendez (December 11, 2005)
Being now a 19 year old, it was the first McCartney album i bought with my own Dinero! when i was 12 in ┬┤98 and believe it to be the last true McCartney album, after that he`s just gone tumbling down to really cheap compositions. Thanks a lot Heather! >:(
Y`see when Paul surrounds himself with topnotch musicians like Jeff Lynn, Ringo, Steve Miller! f'cryin out loud! and follows Papa Martins┬┤s Comand, Paul becomes an unstopable Musical Force, or like the band he had in "Flowers in the Dirt","Off the ground"... they rocked! face it Macca y'can't do it all by yourself, it looses the spice of it all. Flaming Pie is full of REAL professional songwriting, first class mixing and mastering.
well i for one do like the album. I must be the only person to have the album and DVD in Guatemala!
6/10 John (July 14, 2005)
This is a good album and by that I really mean it's okay. There are some real quality songs here; The Songs We Were Singing, The World Tonight, Calico Skies, Souvenir.
Then there is Beautiful Night, Somedays and Young Boy which are nice songs, but suffer because of some ridiculous lyrics. Sometimes Paul seems to be careless or rush when writing lyrics and in these songs it shows.
The rest of the album is absolutely forgettable.
5/10 Harry (May 27, 2004)
Don't know why people love this album so. I find that almost every song is marred by sloppy lyrics. I also don't know why folk rate Beautiful Night so highly. I think it's garbage.
9/10 Mike (April 22, 2004)
Totally agree, if songs such as Somedays, Beautiful Night, Calico Skies and Heaven on a Sunday were on the scene in Beatles days they would be heralded as classics. There is no doubt when he knows George Martin is involved McCartney raises his game and shows his true genius.On this album he exels himself.
9/10 Jeff (February 24, 2004)
Probably the best of McCartney's releases during his solo career. When listening to this acoustic and piano filled masterpiece, you almost get the sense that you're listening to a bootleg recording of unreleased Beatles songs from the White Album era. There is not much filler on this album, with Calico Skies being my personal favorite. Paul obviously returns to his Beatle-esque writing style and it pays off. I highly recommend this album to any Beatles fan.

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