Run Devil Run


Run Devil Run
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Released: 1999, 5 October
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  Blue Jean Bop - 1:57 Lyrics
  She Said Yeah (Larry Williams) - 2:06 Lyrics
  All Shook up (Blackwell/Presley) - 2:06 Lyrics
  Run Devil Run (McCartney) - 2:37 Lyrics
Average song rating No Other Baby (Bishop/Watson) - 4:17 Lyrics
  Lonesome Town (Knight) - 3:31 Lyrics
Average song rating Try Not to Cry (McCartney) - 2:41 Lyrics
  Movie Magg (Carl Perkins) - 2:12 Lyrics
Average song rating Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry) - 2:27 Lyrics
  10  What It Is (McCartney) - 2:23 Lyrics
  11  Coquette (Green/Kahn/Lombardo) - 2:43 Lyrics
  12  I Got Stung (Schroeder/Hill) - 2:40 Lyrics
  13  Honey Hush (Big Joe Turner) - 2:36 Lyrics
  14  Shake a Hand (Morris) - 3:52 Lyrics
  15  Party (Robinson) - 2:38 Lyrics
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Producer: Chris Thomas, Paul McCartney
Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Paul Hicks
Cover Photo by: Dave Fine

Paul McCartney - lead vocal, bass guitar, electric guitar, percussion, acoustic guitar
David Gilmour - background vocals, electric guitar, lap steel guitar
Mick Green - electric guitar
Ian Paice - drums, percussion
Pete Wingfield - piano, Hammond organ Wurlitzer
Dave Mattacks - drums, percussion
Geraint Watkins - Wurlitzer, piano
Chris Hall - accordion

Label: Capitol CDP-5-22351-2


Site visitor reviews
9/10 Bruce Beatlefan (December 1, 2006)
This CD, Run Devil Run, along with CHOBA B CCCP (that\'s all the Russian that I know, folks) and Unplugged form a very distinct trio from the massive Paul McCartney musical library, as they are primarily covers and give a good glimpse at this amazing man\'s historical sweep. Each CD comes from a different approach: Unplugged is a relaxed around-the-campfire \'Evening with Paul McCartney\' and his acoustic guitar, CHOBA is (to take his stated intention at face value) a history lesson, presenting early pop standards for a new audience to learn to love. But everybody knows the main reason kids rock and roll is for expression and catharsis--a legitimate excuse to stomp and scream.

Run Devil Run is Paul McCartney\'s stomping and screaming album. Making this album was undoubtedly a catharsis for this man who had just lost his love of 30 years...the same way the teenage boy McCartney lost his mother, and I can experience the same release when I listen. Paul selects songs which are more obscure than his other covers, but were obviously songs that were welded to his heart in a unique way (I think every rock and roll fan has a nearly-forgotten song inexplicably welded to his/her heart this way; my personal song is Brian Hyland\'s \"I\'m Afraid to Go Home\").

I love this CD and how this 57 year old man can bring it on like a teenager. His treatment of Chuck Berry\'s \"Brown Eyed Handsome Man\", Elvis\'s \"All Shook Up\" and \"I Got Stung\", Larry Williams\'s \"She Said Yeah\", and the practically anonymous \"No Other Baby\" and \"Shake a Hand\" are thrilling and energizing. He fleshes out this collection with three original songs \"Run Devil Run\", \"Try Not to Cry\", and \"What it Is\" which fit right in with the mood he creates (well okay, the last one is a little out-of-place). This is an enjoyable album, and a good look at the kind of stuff that Paul McCartney treasures.
10/10 The Loud One (August 17, 2005)
A McCartney album has never sounded as well as this one, although it doesn't contribute much in terms of McCartney-songs. His own numbers are the weakest, but what does it matter? I just love this album; when I work out, when I dance, when I relax and when I play with my kids. They love "All shook up". You will also.

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