Flowers in the Dirt


Flowers in the Dirt
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Released: 1989, 6 June
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Average song rating My Brave Face (3:16) Lyrics
Average song rating Rough Ride (4:43) Lyrics
Average song rating You Want Her Too (3:13) Lyrics
Average song rating Distractions (4:38) Lyrics
Average song rating We Got Married (4:56) Lyrics
Average song rating Put It There (2:09) Lyrics
Average song rating Figure of Eight (3:23) Lyrics
Average song rating This One (4:10) Lyrics
Average song rating Don't Be Careless Love (3:17) Lyrics
Average song rating 10  That Day Is Done (4:18) Lyrics
Average song rating 11  How Many People (4:14) Lyrics
Average song rating 12  Motor of Love (6:18) Lyrics
Average song rating 13  Ou Est Le Soleil (4:46) Lyrics
Average song rating 14  Back on My Feet (4:21) Lyrics
Average song rating 15  Flying to My Home (4:13) Lyrics
Average song rating 16  The Loveliest Thing (3:58) Lyrics
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Producers: Paul McCartney, Mitchell Froom, Neil Dorfsman, Elvis Costello, Steve Lipson, Trevor Horn, David Foster, Tchad Blake, Ross Cullum, Chris Hughes, Phil Ramone
Engineers: Neil Dorfsman, Steve Lipson, Geoff Emerick, Arne Frager, Jon Kelly, Jon Jacobs, Peter Henderson, Ross Cullum, Matt Butler, Steve Rinkoff, Dave O'Donell

Paul McCartney - vocal, acoustic guitar, bass, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, mexican guitar, piano, synth, drums, tambourine, percussion, celeste, sitar, wine glasses, harmonium, background vocal, hand claps, finger snaps, mellotron, flugel horn, bongos, violin, keyboard, woodsaw
Linda McCartney - mini-moog, background vocal, hand claps
Robbie McIntosh - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Hamish Stuart - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, background vocal
Chris Whitten - drums, percussion, hand claps, synth drums
Paul "Wix" Wickens - keyboards
Elvis Costello - vocal, keyboards, background vocals
David Gilmor - guitar
David Foster - keyboards
Dave Mattacks - drums
Guy Barker - trumpet
Steve Lipson - bass, computer & drum programming, electric guitar, keyboards
Peter Henderson - computer programming
Trevor Horn - keyboards, hand claps
Nicky Hopkins - piano
Mitchell Froom - keyboards
David Rhodes - ebow guitar
Judd Lander - harmonica
Chris Davis - saxophone
Chris White - saxophone
Dave Bishop - saxophone
John Talyor - cornet
Tony Goddard - cornet
Ian Peters - euphonium
Ian Harper - tenor horn
Jab Bunny - tongue styley
Eddie Klien - additional computer programing

Label: Capitol CDP 7 91653

Tracks 14-16 are bonus tracks on McCartney collection reissue.


Site visitor reviews
10/10 Bruce Beatlefan (January 8, 2007)
The holy grail of Paul McCartney\'s post-Beatles career are the three albums Ram, Band on the Run, and Flowers in the Dirt. To make an imperfect parallel to the classic Beatles albums, Band on the Run is marvelous production injected with a lot of happy good humor in the manner of Abbey Road and Ram is the giddy euphoria of Sgt. Pepper. Flowers in the Dirt does not have that instant emotional starburst, but represents the varied and superb songcraft and fresh, relevant lyricism of Revolver.

Mr. Declan MacManus (aka Elvis Costello) deserves a share of credit for the success of this album. This collaboration definitely produced positive vibes...but I do get perturbed at the pervasive idea this album\'s every virtue is due to his involvement. Criminy, he only assisted on four tracks; the truth is that Paul was in dead-red top form.

This album particularly emphasizes the hold that Paul\'s family has to his heart. To his departed father he sings the touching \"Put it There\" and to his teenage daughters he pours out his heart in \"Don\'t Be Careless Love\" (and, maybe, \"That Day is Done\"--I can\'t figure out what that song is about). We have had reason for concern in recent albums with Paul and Linda\'s marriage (songs like \"Waterfalls\", \"The Pound is Sinking\", and \"Tough on a Tightrope\"), but in this album he strongly affirms his Lovely Linda with the wisdom of experience (\"We Got Married\"), with giddy joy (bonus track \"Flying to My Home\"), with tenderness (\"This One\"), with exasperated humor (\"Figure of Eight\"), and with a little roguishness (\"Rough Ride\"). And with two other superb tracks (\"Motor of Love\" and \"Loveliest Thing\") he suddenly becomes the suave romancer.

Sprinkled within those tracks are his strong Elvis collaborations, \"My Brave Face\" and \"You Want Her Too\" (which is sort of a depraved \"She Loves You\"), along with lightweight but enjoyable \"Distractions\", \"How Many People\" and \"Ou Est Le Soleil\". Altogether, this is a strong and confident album from Paul McCartney, extremely satisfying and worthy of the acclaim given to his best work.

7/10 John (July 14, 2005)
This is a good effort by Paul.
There are some terrific songs here. The best being My Brave Face, This One, Put It There, Figure of Eight, That Day is Done.
We Got Married and How Many People are not to bad either.
Distractions is an embarassment. Impossible to listen to.
Overall a very good album and a good listen.
9/10 OB (July 7, 2005)
Flowers In The Dirt is genius, the McCartney/Costello co-writes are great but the best song is the touching acoustic-led Put It There.
5/10 Harry (May 27, 2004)
Figure Of 8, Distractions, Put It There, Motor Of Love are all good but How Many People, Don't Be Careless Love and We Got Married are very ordinary.

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