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Released: 1987, January
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  La Sagrada Familia (Parsons/Woolfson) - 8:44 Lyrics
  Too Late (Parsons/Woolfson) - 4:34 Lyrics
  Closer to Heaven (Parsons/Woolfson) - 5:54 Lyrics
  Standing on Higher Ground (Parsons/Woolfson) - 5:02 Lyrics
  Money Talks (Parsons/Woolfson) - 4:23 Lyrics
  Inside Looking out (Parsons/Woolfson) - 6:19 Lyrics
  Paseo de Gracia (Parsons/Woolfson) - 3:43 Lyrics
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Recorded: October 1985 - August 1986

The Alan Parsons Project - Performer
John Miles, Chris Rainbow, Lenny Zakatek , Geoff Barradale - Vocals
Andrew Powell - Arranger, Orchestra
Ian Bairnson - Guitar
Laurie Cottle - Bass
Richard Cottle - Synthesizer, Saxophone
David Cripp - Conductor, Horn
Stuart Elliott - Percussion, Drums, Keyboards
John Heley - Cello
Bob Howes - Conductor, Tympani [Timpani]
Tony Richards - Engineer
The English Chorale and Played Ti
Eric Woolfson - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Executive Producer
Alan Parsons - Producer, Engineer
Maude Gilman - Art Direction


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