Heaven and Hell


Heaven and Hell
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Released: 1980, 1 April
Labels: Warner Brothers
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  Neon Knights (Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward) - 3:49 Lyrics
  Children of the Sea (Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward) - 5:30 Lyrics
  Lady Evil (Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward) - 4:22 Lyrics
  Heaven and Hell (Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward) - 6:56 Lyrics
  Wishing Well (Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward) - 4:02 Lyrics
  Die Young (Black Sabbath) - 4:41 Lyrics
  Walk Away (Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward) - 4:21 Lyrics
  Lonely Is the Word (Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward) - 5:49 Lyrics
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Tony Iommi - Lead Guitar
Geezer Butler - Bass
Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
Bill Ward - Drums
Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards
Produced and Engineered by Martin Birch
Assistant Engineer: Joe "C" Foglia
Recorded at Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida
Additional recording at Studio Ferber, Paris France


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