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Artist: Kansas
Released: 1976, October
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  Carry on Wayward Son (Livgren) - 5:25 Lyrics
  The Wall (Livgren/Walsh) - 4:51 Lyrics
  What's on Your Mind? (Livgren) - 3:28 Lyrics
  Miracles out of Nowhere (Livgren) - 6:28 Lyrics
  Opus Insert (Livgren/Walsh) - 4:28 Lyrics
  Questions of My Childhood (Livgren/Walsh) - 3:40 Lyrics
  Cheyenne Anthem (Livgren) - 6:55 Lyrics
  Magnum Opus (Ehart/Hope/Livgren/Steinhardt/Steinhardt/Walsh/Williams) - 8:35 Lyrics
  Carry on Wayward Son [Live] (Livgren) - 4:44 Lyrics
  10  Cheyenne Anthem [Live] (Livgren) - 6:41 Lyrics
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Kansas - Arranger, Producer
Kerry Livgren - Guitar, Keyboards
Steve Walsh - Organ, Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Vibraphone
Phil Ehart - Percussion, Drums
Jeff Glixman - Producer, Assistant Engineer
Dave Hope - Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Toye LaRocca - Vocals
George Marino - Mastering
Cheryl Norman - Vocals
Robbie Steinhardt - Violin, Viola, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
David Wild - Liner Notes
Rich Williams - Guitar
Suha Gur - Mastering
Howard Fritzson - Art Direction
Darcy Proper - Engineer
Tom Drennon - Art Direction
David McMacken - Illustrations


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