Live: Take No Prisoners (Live)


Live: Take No Prisoners
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Artist: Lou Reed
Released: 1978, November
Labels: Arista
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  Sweet Jane (Reed) - 10:44  
  I Wanna Be Black (Reed) - 6:29  
  Satellite of Love (Reed) - 7:07  
  Pale Blue Eyes (Reed) - 7:37  
  Berlin (Reed) - 6:14  
  I'm Waiting for My Man (Reed) - 13:59  
  Coney Island Baby (Reed) - 8:39  
  Street Hassle (Reed) - 13:16  
  Walk on the Wild Side (Reed) - 16:54  
  10  Leave Me Alone (Reed) - 7:28  


Recorded live at the Bottom Line, New York: May 17, 1978 - May 21, 1978
Recorded and mixed using the "Stereo Binaural Sound" system created by Manfred Schunke

Lou Reed - Synthesizer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Mastering, Mixing, Roland Synthesizer


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