Magic Bus


Magic Bus
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Artist: The Who
Released: 1968, September
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Average song rating Disguises (Townshend) - 3:14 Lyrics
  Run Run Run (Townshend) - 2:44 Lyrics
Average song rating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Entwistle) - 2:27 Lyrics
  I Can't Reach You (Townshend) - 3:05 Lyrics
  Our Love Was (Townshend) - 3:09 Lyrics
Average song rating Call Me Lightning (Townshend) - 2:25 Lyrics
Average song rating Magic Bus (Townshend) - 3:21 Lyrics
  Someone's Coming (Entwistle) - 2:33 Lyrics
  Doctor Doctor (Entwistle) - 3:02 Lyrics
  10  Bucket T (Altfeid/Christian/Torrence) - 2:11 Lyrics
  11  Pictures of Lily (Townshend) - 2:43 Lyrics
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Pete Townshend - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Keith Moon - Drums, Vocals
Roger Daltrey - Harmonica, Vocals
John Entwistle - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Kit Lambert - Producer
Chris Stamp - Executive Producer


Site visitor reviews
7/10 M??rcio Ivam. (December 16, 2010)
"Pictures Of Lilly" had a funny lyric, very strange.Pete world`s."Magic Bus" is a classic of the Who."..too much...".And Keith,always with the head(and the soul...) in the moon.
3/10 Bruce Beatlefan (February 26, 2008)
If you're unfamiliar with The Who's music, and purchase this album because the splashy cover grabs your attention, you'll take it home and play it and wonder why Magic Bus has amassed all these nasty reviews and comments over the years. Evaluated purely on musical merit, it's a darned good album! For a Who collector, however (and for the Who, themselves), this album is practically worthless.

Seems that Decca Records (the American company), impatient that it was so long between Who albums (two years between The Who Sell Out and Tommy) simply assembled a couple of recent single successes, a couple of oddball recordings, and several tracks from the Who's previous two albums, and gave it a name which deceives the buyer into thinking it may be a live album. Unfortunately, looking at the track listing and considering the current (expanded) CD track listings, what you are doing in buying this album is spending $16 for the single song "Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde" (a song John Entwistle wrote in honor of Keith Moon).

Unfortunately, what the Decca folks did not know was that there was available enough unreleased Who material to fill at least a couple very fine albums. These songs were later released in a variety of projects: the expanded CD versions of their early albums, the Maximum R&B Box Set, and the terrific 1974 album Odds and Sods. This irony has caused the Magic Bus album to live a life of infamy.

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