Night Train (EP)


Night Train
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Artist: Keane
Released: 2010, 10 May
Labels: Interscope Records
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  House Lights - 1:23 Lyrics
  Back in Time - 3:52 Lyrics
  Stop for a Minute (feat K'Naan) - 4:06 Lyrics
  Clear Skies - 4:53 Lyrics
  Ishin Denshin (You've Got to Help Yourself) (feat. Tigarah) - 3:56 Lyrics
  Your Love - 4:36 Lyrics
  Looking Back (feat. K'Naan) - 3:46 Lyrics
  My Shadow - 4:49 Lyrics
  Stop for a Minute (Kwes./[o=o] Rework) (feat K'naan) - 4:06 Lyrics
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Track 9 is a bonus track for a mp3 version.

Tom Chaplin - vocals, guitar
Tim Rice-Oxley - keyboards, guitar, percussion, vocals
Richard Hughes - drums, percussion, backing vocals

Jesse Quin - guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals
Jerry Clack - Brass
Roland Neffe - Vibraphone
K'naan - Vocals on "Stop for a Minute" and "Looking Back"
Tigarah - Vocals on "Ishin Denshin (You've Got to Help Yourself)"


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