North and South


North and South
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Released: 1988, April
Labels: Polydor, Polygram Records
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  North and South (Rafferty) - 6:41 Lyrics
  Moonlight and Gold (Rafferty) - 6:10 Lyrics
  Tired of Talking (Rafferty) - 4:08 Lyrics
  Hearts Run Dry (Rafferty) - 6:11 Lyrics
  A Dangerous Age (Rafferty) - 5:29 Lyrics
  Shipyard Town (Rafferty) - 6:17 Lyrics
  Winter's Come (Rafferty) - 6:34 Lyrics
  Nothing Ever Happens Down Here (Rafferty) - 3:42 Lyrics
  On a Night Like This (Rafferty) - 6:11 Lyrics
  10  Unselfish Love (Rafferty) - 5:23 Lyrics
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Gerry Rafferty - Organ, Synthesizer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Piano, Arranger, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Saxophone, Vocals, Producer, Harmony Vocals
Arran Ahmun - Percussion, Drums, Multi Instruments
Alan Clark - Synthesizer, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
Mel Collins - Saxophone
Betsy Cook - Piano (Electric)
Ken Craddock - Synthesizer, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
Brad Davis - Remixing
Jerry Donahue - Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm)
Mo Foster - Bass, Fretless Bass
Bryn Haworth - Slide Guitar
Greg Jackman - Remixing
Ian Maldman - Guitar (Bass)
William Malone - Strings, Arranger
Will Malone - String Arrangements
Gered Mankowitz - Photography
Hugh Murphy - Producer, Engineer
Maurice Pert - Percussion
Ric Saunders - Fiddle
Davy Spillane - Pipe, Whistle (Human), Whistle (Instrument), Uillean Pipes
Geraint Watkins - Accordion
Andrew White - Sax (Soprano)
Pete Zorn - Guitar (Bass)


Site visitor reviews
10/10 John Gray (July 15, 2016)
A superb album, with some of the most beautiful songs I have heard for years. My wife has had the album for years and I only found it when I was going through our LPs and thought that I would try it. In particular, Moonlight and Gold was going through my head for days afterwards.
Why oh why do they not re-release it on cd or any other medium?

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