Orchestral Favorites


Orchestral Favorites
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Artist: Frank Zappa
Released: 1979, 4 May
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  Strictly Genteel (Segue) (Zappa) - 7:03 Lyrics
  Pedro's Dowry (Segue) (Zappa) - 7:41  
  Naval Aviation in Art? (Zappa) - 1:22  
  Duke of Prunes (Zappa) - 4:20  
  Bogus Pomp (Zappa) - 13:29 Lyrics
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Bob Stone - Digital Remastering, Digital EQ
Terry Bozzio - Drums
Frank Zappa - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer
Stephen Marcussen - Digital EQ
Dave Parlato - Bass
Emil Richards - Percussion
Gary Panter - Design


Site visitor reviews
10/10 John Tabacco (March 2, 2009)
"Orchestral Favorites" presents Frank Zappa's "classical" experiments at it's apex. The arrangements, orchestrations and performances are tight and played with the humor so closely associated with FZ's "rock bands". Great care was taken in the actual recording and mixing of this music and the listener is treated to a wide array of timbres and specific left and right pannings. There is never a dull moment. The choice of material is excellent and thoroughly "Zappa" in approach. One of the most striking things about this CD is Zappa's genius for juxtaposition of musical styles, and of course many parodies abound. Strauss waltzes, Rite Of Spring rhythms, Boleros, 12 tone excerpts, Webernesque String Arrangements, Varese-Electronique, Broadway, Scarey Movie Music etc...It's non stop fun. The CD also contains FZ playing some wicked idiosyncratic guitar (hints of "Zoot Allures") on the tastefully orchestrated "Duke Of Prunes". A thrilling performance. Now some critics have been hard on Zappa because of his penchant for writing complex dissonant melodies. But in many cases if you listen a few times you will hear that they have a memorable flavor to them - you just have to expand your listening palette and memory. In this CD we are treated to some of Frank's most charming and playful melodies. Check out the sweet, expressive tune played by the harmonica on "Strictly Genteel", or the sneaky melody played by the trombone and violin in the hilarious "Pedro's Dowery". The existential wedges in "Naval Aviation In Art" are chilling, not to mention so many robust, dynamic moments in "Bogus Pomp". Zappa was a master of form. Even in complex pieces such as these the form is clear and believe it or not, it's still pop! This makes for a totally enjoyable album that should be in everyone's collection. It will open up your mind to check out all the other great 20th century work Frank drew from as well as his own musical universe.
Wonderful composition with a sense of humor from an artist who lived to create art.

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