Pet Sounds


Pet Sounds
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Released: 1966, 16 May
Labels: Capitol Records
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Average song rating Wouldn't It Be Nice (Asher, Wilson) - 2:22 Lyrics
Average song rating You Still Believe in Me (Asher, Wilson) - 2:30 Lyrics
Average song rating That's Not Me (Asher, Wilson) - 2:27 Lyrics
Average song rating Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (Asher, Wilson) - 2:51 Lyrics
Average song rating I'm Waiting for the Day (Love, Wilson) - 3:03 Lyrics
Average song rating Let's Go Away for Awhile (Wilson) - 2:18 Lyrics
Average song rating Sloop John B (Traditional, Wilson) - 2:56 Lyrics
Average song rating God Only Knows (Asher, Wilson) - 2:49 Lyrics
Average song rating I Know There's an Answer (Love, Sachen, Wilson) - 3:08 Lyrics
Average song rating 10  Here Today (Asher, Wilson) - 2:52 Lyrics
Average song rating 11  I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Asher, Wilson) - 3:11 Lyrics
Average song rating 12  Pet Sounds (Wilson) - 2:20 Lyrics
Average song rating 13  Caroline No (Asher, Wilson) - 2:52 Lyrics
  14  Hang on to Your Ego (Asher, Wilson) Lyrics
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Recorded: 12 July 1965 & 1 November 1965 - 13 April 1966

Bonus track "Hang on to Your Ego"

Al Jardine - Vocals, Tambourine
Bruce Johnston - Vocals
Mike Love - Vocals
Brian Wilson - Vocals, Organ, Piano, Producer
Carl Wilson - Vocals, Guitar
Dennis Wilson - Vocals, Drums

Glen Campbell, Al Casey, Jerry Cole, Kyle Burkett, Mike Deasy, Bill Pitman, Billy Strange, Tommy Tedesco - Guitars
Andrew Maxson - Bass
Carol Kaye - Electric bass
Ray Pohlman - Mandolin, Guitar, Electric bass
Chuck Berghofer - Upright bass
Carl Fortina, Frank Marocco - Accordions
Nick Martinis - Drums
Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon, Ritchie Frost - Drums, Percussion
Frank Capp, Gary Coleman, Julius Wechter, Jerry Williams - Percussions
Plas Johnson - Saxophones, Percussion
Bill Green - Saxophone, Flute, Percussion
Paul Horn, Bobby Klein, Jack Nimitz - Saxophones
Jay Migliori - Saxophones, Clarinets, Flute
Steve Douglas - Saxophones, Clarinet, Percussion, Flute
Jim Horn - Saxophones, Flute
Jules Jacob - Flute
Arnold Belnick, James Getzoff, William Kurasch, Leonard Malarsky, Jerome Reisler, Sid Sharp, Tibor Zelig, Ralph Schaffer - Violins
Norman Botnick, Joseph DiFiore, Harry Hyams, Darrel Terwilliger - Violas
Alan Robinson - French horn
Jesse Erlich, Justin DiTullio, Joseph Saxon - Cellos
Ron Swallow, Terry Melcher - Tambourines
Ernie Tack - Trombone
Ray Caton - Trumpet
Al de Lory - Piano, Harpsichord, Organ
Leonard Hartman - English horn, clarinets
Barney Kessel - Mandolin, Guitar
Larry Knechtel - Organ
Gail Martin - Trombone
Mike Melvoin - Harpsichord
Tommy Morgan - Harmonica
Don Randi - Piano
Lyle Ritz - Upright bass, Ukulele
Paul Tanner - Electrotheremin

Ralph Balantin, Bruce Botnick, Chuck Britz, H. Bowen David, Larry Levine - Engineers


Site visitor reviews
9/10 Bruce Beatlefan (April 22, 2008)
It's extremely difficult to write anything about Pet Sounds, the 1966 Beach Boys album, without being affected by the weight of Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson Legend. But I'll try my best...

For years, the Beach Boys created the most joyful, catchy, and fun songs imaginable. As Brian Wilson's songwriting acumen grew their songs remained catchy and fun but begin gaining in sonic brilliance and complexity and emotional maturity, to the point that the albums All Summer Long, Today!, and Summer Days are among the finest creations in the history of pop music--catchy, fun, and incredible listening expiences.

With Pet Sounds, the catchy and fun is still there in spots, but it becomes clear that Brian Wilson's highest purpose for this creation is to attain some higher plain of sonic brilliance and emotional catharsis, and, well, while the music is pretty much all that he desired to attain, something which made the Beach Boys' music very special has been lost forever. Pet Sounds is a Brian Wilson project from start to finish (the only contributions his bandmates make are in the vocal arrangements), and having the Beach Boys left in the wake doesn't sit perfectly well with me, nor did it for the other members of the band (Mike Love, who contributed as much to the Beach Boys brand of euphoria as anyone, was very vocal about this loss).

The result is a brilliant album, certainly with some moments of pure Beach Boys joy ("Wouldn't it Be Nice", "Sloop John B.", "I'm Waiting For the Day"), some emotional maturity and heart-wishes from Brian Wilson which are touchingly beautiful ("You Still Believe in Me", "Here Today", "Caroline No"), and sonic near-perfection in "Let's Go Away For While" and "God Only Knows".

Having said all that, Pet Sounds's final judgement for me is: I can judge it no higher than the less ambitious but more generous offerings such as "Beach Boys Party" and the aforementioned albums. I hope I don't have to sit on the hot-seat for daring to give this album fewer than a perfect five stars, but the compromises implicit in Pet Sounds makes it impossible for me to rate it as such. I would recommend that anybody get's great!

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