Say You Will


Say You Will
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Released: 2003, 15 April
Labels: Reprise
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  What's the World Coming to (Lindsey Buckingham, Julian Raymond) - 3:47  
  Murrow Turning Over in His Grave (Buckingham) - 4:11  
  Illume (9/11) (Stevie Nicks) - 4:50  
  Thrown Down (Nicks) - 4:02  
  Miranda (Buckingham) - 4:17  
  Red Rover (Buckingham) - 3:57  
  Say You Will (Nicks) - 3:47  
  Peacekeeper (Buckingham) - 4:10  
  Come (Buckingham, Neale Heywood) - 5:59  
  10  Smile at You (Nicks) - 4:32  
  11  Running Through the Garden (Nicks, Ray Kennedy, Gary Nicholson) - 4:33  
  12  Silver Girl (Nicks) - 3:59  
  13  Steal Your Heart Away (Buckingham) - 3:33  
  14  Bleed to Love Her (Buckingham) - 4:05  
  15  Everybody Finds out (Nicks, Richard Nowels) - 4:28  
  16  Destiny Rules (Nicks) - 4:26  
  17  Say Goodbye (Buckingham) - 3:24  
  18  Goodbye Baby (Nicks) - 3:50  
  19  Love Minus Zero/No Limit (Bob Dylan) - 4:21  
  20  Not Make Believe (Nicks) - 4:30  
  21  Peacekeeper (live) - 4:17  
  22  Say You Will (live) - 3:51  


Tracks 19-22 are bonus ones of Deluxe edition.
"Bleed to Love Her" was previously available on The Dance as a live version.
"Thrown Down" was used during the Joey-Charlie kiss scene in U.S sit-com Friends.

Recorded at The Bellagio House, Ocean Way Recording, Lindsey's garage and Cornerstone Recording Studios in 1995-2002
Released: 15 April 2003 (USA), 28 April 2003 (UK)

Lindsey Buckingham - guitar, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Stevie Nicks - keyboards, vocals
John McVie - bass guitar
Mick Fleetwood - drums, percussion

Christine McVie - keyboards on "Steal Your Heart Away", backing vocals on "Bleed To Love Her" and "Steal Your Heart Away"
Sheryl Crow - Hammond organ and backing vocals on "Say You Will" and "Silver Girl"
Jamie Muhoberac - Hammond organ on "Come"
John Pierce - additional bass on "Steal Your Heart Away"
John Shanks - keyboards on "What's The World Coming To" and "Peacekeeper"
Dave Palmer - piano on "Steal Your Heart Away"
Jessica James Nicks, Molly McVie, Maddy Fesch - backing vocals on "Say You Will"

Lindsey Buckingham - producer, engineer
Rob Cavallo, John Shanks - producers
Ken Allardyce, Ken Koroshetz, Ray Lindsey, Mark Needham, Phil Nichols, Matthew J Doughty - engineers
Mark Needham, Chris Lord-Alge (Track 16) - Mixing
Phil Nichols, Matthew J Doughty, Joe Bozzi - Mixing Assistants
Bernie Grundman - Mastering
Rob Cavallo - A&R
Mike Fasano, Bruce Jaccoby - Band Technicians
Stephen Walker - Art Director
Karen Williams Johnston, Neal Preston, Herbert Worthington III - Photography


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