Something Magic


Something Magic
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Artist: Procol Harum
Released: 1977, March
Labels: Chrysalis Records
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  Something Magic (Brooker, Reid) - 3:37 Lyrics
  Skating on Thin Ice (Brooker, Reid) - 4:49 Lyrics
  Wizard Man (Brooker, Reid) - 2:41 Lyrics
  The Mark of the Claw (Grabham, Reid) - 4:39 Lyrics
  Strangers in Space (Brooker, Reid) - 6:08 Lyrics
  The Worm and the Tree, Pt. 1 (Introduction, Menace, Occupation) (Brooker, Reid) - 7:50 Lyrics
  The Worm and the Tree, Pt. 2 (Enervation, Expectancy, Battle) (Brooker, Reid) - 5:29  
  The Worm and the Tree, Pt. 3 (Regeneration, Epilogue ) (Brooker, Reid) - 5:21  
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Pete Solley - Organ, Synthesisers, Keyboards
Chris Copping - Bass, Keyboards, Orchestration
B.J. Wilson - Drums
Mick Grabham - Guitar (Electric)
Gary Brooker - Harmonica, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Voices, Orchestration
Keith Reid - Lyrics
Mike Lewis - Orchestration
Procol Harum, Ron Albertm, Howie Albert - Producers
Ron Albertm, Howie Albert - Engineers
Takeo Komatsuzaki, Joe Reagoso - Liner Notes
Drew Raison - Remastering


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