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Artist: Budgie
Released: 1972, September
Labels: MCA Records
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  Whiskey River (Budgie) - 3:27 Lyrics
  Rocking Man (Bourge, Budgie, Shelley) - 5:25 Lyrics
  Rolling Home Again (Budgie) - 1:47 Lyrics
  Make Me Happy (Budgie) - 2:37 Lyrics
  Hot As a Docker's Armpit (Bourge, Budgie, Shelley) - 5:53  
  Drugstore Woman (Budgie) - 3:14 Lyrics
  Bottled (Budgie) - 1:57  
  Young Is a World (Bourge, Budgie, Shelley) - 8:14  
  Stranded (Budgie) - 6:17  
  10  Whiskey River (A Side Single Version)  
  11  Stranded (Alternate Mix)  
  12  Whiskey River (2003 Version)  
  13  Rolling Home Again (2004 Version)  
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Tracks 10-13 are extra tracks on the remastered version.

Burke Shelley - Vocals, bass
Tony Bourge - Guitar
Ray Phillips - Drums
Rodger Bain - Producer


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