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Artist: Budgie
Released: 1971, June
Labels: MCA Records
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  Guts (Bourge, Shelley) - 4:21 Lyrics
  Everything in My Heart (Bourge, Shelley) - 0:52 Lyrics
  The Author (Bourge, Shelley) - 6:28 Lyrics
  Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman (Bourge, Shelley) - 8:41 Lyrics
  The Rape of the Locks (Bourge, Shelley) - 6:13 Lyrics
  All Night Petrol (Bourge, Shelley) - 5:57 Lyrics
  You and I (Bourge, Shelley) - 1:41 Lyrics
  Homicidal Suicidal (Bourge, Shelley) - 6:41 Lyrics
  Crash Course in Brain Surgery (Alternate Mix) Lyrics
  10  Nude Disintergrating Parachutist Woman (Single Edit) Lyrics
  11  Nude Disintergrating Parachutist Woman (2003 Version) Lyrics
  12  Guts (2003 Version) Lyrics
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Tracks 9-12 are extra tracks on the remastered version.

Tony Bourge - Guitar, Vocals
Ray Phillips - Percussion, Drums
Burke Shelley - Bass, Vocals, Mellotron
Rodger Bain - Producer
Ray Dorsey - Liner Notes
Shepard Sherbell - Design, Photography
David Sparling - Artwork, Cover Painting


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