This Note's for You


This Note's for You
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Artist: Neil Young
Released: 1988, April
Labels: Reprise
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Recorded: November 1987 - January 1988

Neil Young - Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Performer
Chad Cromwell, Ralph Molina - Drums
George Whitsell, Rick Rosas - Bass
Tom Brey, John Fumo - Trumpets
Claude Cailliet - Trombone
Larry Cragg - Sax (Baritone)
Ben Keith - Sax (Alto), Assistant
Steve Lawrence - Sax (Tenor)
Steve Onuska - Tambourine, Technician
Frank "Poncho" Sampedro - Keyboards, Assistant
Anthony Aquilato, Charles Bishop - Technicians
Niko Bolas - Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Elliot Roberts - Director
Doug Sax - Mastering
Tim McColm, Duane Seykora, Brentley Walton - Assistant Engineers
Gary Long - Engineer
Tim Mulligan - Engineer, Assistant
Glenn Parsons - Cover Design
Bob Scott - Photography


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