Wings Greatest


Wings Greatest
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Released: 1978, 22 December
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  Another Day (3:40) Lyrics
  Silly Love Songs (5:52) Lyrics
  Live and Let Die (3:10) Lyrics
  Junior's Farm (4:21) Lyrics
  With a Little Luck (5:47) Lyrics
  Band on the Run (5:14) Lyrics
  Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey (4:47) Lyrics
  Hi, Hi, Hi (3:07) Lyrics
  Let 'em in (5:08) Lyrics
  10  My Love (4:08) Lyrics
  11  Jet (4:06) Lyrics
  12  Mull of Kintyre (4:42) Lyrics
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Producer: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Linda McCartney
Denny Laine
Jimmy McCulloch
Joe English

Label: Capitol SOO-11905


Site visitor reviews
10/10 Erika (June 7, 2007)
A great collection, very useful for people like me who weren\'t around to hear these songs when they were first released, because many of these songs aren\'t included on Wings CDs.
9/10 Dmitry Murashev (June 28, 2005)
Very good collection of greatest songs by Wings. Much of the songs are stable hits.

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