Back to the Egg


Back to the Egg
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Released: 1979, 24 May
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Average song rating Reception (1:04) Lyrics
Average song rating Getting Closer (3:20) Lyrics
Average song rating We're Open Tonight (1:25) Lyrics
Average song rating Spin It on (2:10) Lyrics
Average song rating Again and Again and Again (3:28) Lyrics
Average song rating Old Siam Sir (4:06) Lyrics
Average song rating Arrow Through Me (3:37) Lyrics
Average song rating Rockestra Theme (2:32) Lyrics
Average song rating To You (3:09) Lyrics
Average song rating 10  After the Ball / Million Miles (3:57) Lyrics
Average song rating 11  Winter Rose / Love Awake (3:57) Lyrics
Average song rating 12  Broadcast (1:26) Lyrics
Average song rating 13  So Glad to See You Here (3:20) Lyrics
Average song rating 14  Baby's Request (2:47) Lyrics
Average song rating 15  Daytime Nightime Suffering (3:16) Lyrics
Average song rating 16  Wonderful Christmastime (3:44) Lyrics
Average song rating 17  Rudolph the Red-Nose Reggae (1:43) Lyrics
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Producer: Paul McCartney, Chris Thomas
Engineer: Phil McDonald

Paul McCartney - vocals, bass, guitar, piano
Linda McCartney - keyboards
Denny Laine - guitar
Laurence Juber - guitar
Steve Holly - drums

Guitars: Dave Gilmour, Hank Marvin, Pete Townshend
Drums: John Bonham, Kenney Jones
Basses: John Paul Jones, Ronnie Lane, Bruce Thomas
Pianos: Gary Blooker, John Paul Jones
Keyboards: Tony Ashton
Percussion: Speedy Acquaye, Tony Carr, Ray Cooper, Morris Pert
Horns: Howie Casey, Tony Dorsey, Steve Howard, Thaddeus Richard

Label: Columbia FC-36057

Tracks 15-17 are bonus tracks on McCartney collection reissue.


Site visitor reviews
9/10 Bruce Beatlefan (March 11, 2006)
Rock and Roll experts who write for Rolling Stone or write their own books are so uniform in their scathing for everything Paul was doing at this stage of his career that I feel somewhat timid about stating how much I enjoy this album. Funny thing is, most of the \"expert\'s\" specific criticisms about Paul (undisciplined musical noodling, lack of substantive messages, etc.) I find myself agreeing with...and loving the music anyway. Back to the Egg is a flawed and sometimes foolish album which I play continually, with great pleasure. \"I\'m Getting Closer\" is irresistable--nobody can churn out these songs like Paul McCartney. \"Spin it Out\", \"Old Siam Sir\" and \"To You\" are eccentricities seeming to carry on a weird phase begun with side two of the London Town album. All make for great listening. The real prize is Denny Laine\'s sassy \"Again and Again and Again\" which is Wings\' best \"party\" track since the Band on the Run album. Two great disappointments mar this album and keep it from being truly great: One of Paul\'s most beautiful and haunting melodies ever, \"Winter Rose\", abruptly quits after one verse and one chorus to segue into the limpid \"Love Awake\", and the closing rocker \"So Glad to See You Hear\" starts off like the second coming of \"Back in the USSR\" and then inexplicably drives off the road and changes into a reprise of the album\'s weakest song, \"We\'re Open Tonight\". \"Baby\'s Request\" is great, as is the bonus track \"Daytime Nighttime Suffering\". Despite it\'s flaws, Paul and company are in superb form for this album.
7/10 John (July 14, 2005)
McCartney tries to do Led Zeppelin with this album. One his his most polished and well produced albums. It sounds great from beginning to end.
Getting Closer rocks although the lyrics are ridiculous but who can understand them anyway.
Old Siam Sir. I don't know what the hell he's going on about but I like it.
Arrow Through Me. A rocking Paul love song.
Rockestra and To You kick off side two. Oh never mind. That was in the days of vinyl. Anyway, it's just Paul rocking some more.
Give this CD a listen. You just may like it.
8/10 Dave (June 25, 2005)
One of Wings best albums...and largely overlooked. It makes a truly eclectic mix.

The production is superb and Mccartney's voice is at it's effortless best, particularly on "Million Miles". The band is tight and at it's most rocking. Listen to "Reception" and the instrumental breaks in "Old Siam, Sir" for evidence. "Baby's Request" makes for a great, end-of-the evening jazzy pastice.


10/10 Harry (May 27, 2004)
A brilliant rocking album that sounds superb on headphones. One of Paul's best efforts.

To nitpick, the "we're open tonight" bits drag on a little too long on the track So Glad To See You Here. And, I'm not a huge fan of Love Awake. Those gripes aside the rest of the album is a joy and a pleasure to listen to. Fantastic.

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