Live Cream, Vol. 1 (Live)


Live Cream, Vol. 1
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Artist: Cream
Released: 1970, April
Labels: Polydor (UK), Atco (US)
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  N.S.U. (Bruce) - 10:15 Lyrics
  Sleepy Time Time (Bruce, Godfrey) - 6:52 Lyrics
  Sweet Wine (Baker, Bruce, Godfrey) - 15:16 Lyrics
  Rollin' and Tumblin' (Waters) - 6:42 Lyrics
  Lawdy Mama (Clapton, Traditional) - 2:46 Lyrics
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Recorded live: 1967, March 1968

Ginger Baker - Percussion, Drums
Jack Bruce - Bass, Vocals
Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Dowd, Bill Halverson - Engineers
Adrian Barber - Engineer, Remixing
Ahmet Ertegun ("Lawdy Mama"), Felix Pappalardi, Robert Stigwood - Producers
Joseph M. Palmaccio - Digital Remastering
Loring Eutemey - Design


Site visitor reviews
10/10 Limpi (April 9, 2009)
If you like live music and solos, improvisations, jamming (whatever we call it) you'll love this album.
The first song (N.S.U.) is a typical explanation. Instruments start to play after each others (Clapton's riff is great, so as Baker's), then the three verses (with relatively simple lyrics) and after that one of best jam of all time. It's fast and loud, a really "rock" song. Bruce a little bit quiet at the first half, Clapton shows how to play the guitar right if the "solo" is longer then a few seconds, but the greatest of that song is Ginger Baker. I prefer this song to any drum-solo.
Second song (Sleepy time time) is a slow blues song (in studio it was a little bit faster) include a bass-solo (after the guitar-solo).
Sweet wine (3rd song) is nothing, but improvisation (some 12 min out of 15), but in the good way. I don't find it boring.
4th song (Rollin' and tumblin') is a blues song from Muddy Waters, it is with harmonica. If you'd like to listen Clapton's solos you will be disappointed, he didn't play "lead guitar", so it has no guitarsolo in it.
Lawdy mama (5th song) is not live song. What should it doing on that album? Ask them, not me.

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