Let It Be... Naked


Let It Be... Naked
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Artist: The Beatles
Released: 2003, 17 November
Labels: Apple / Capitol
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  Get Back (McCartney) - 2:34 Lyrics
  Dig a Pony (Lennon) - 3:38 Lyrics
Average song rating For You Blue (Harrison) - 2:27 Lyrics
Average song rating The Long and Winding Road (McCartney) - 3:34 Lyrics
  Two of Us (McCartney) - 3:21 Lyrics
  I've Got a Feeling (Lennon, McCartney) - 3:30 Lyrics
  One After 909 (Lennon) - 2:44 Lyrics
Average song rating Don't Let Me Down (Lennon) - 3:18 Lyrics
  I Me Mine (Harrison) - 2:21 Lyrics
  10  Across the Universe (Lennon) - 3:38 Lyrics
  11  Let It Be (McCartney) - 3:55 Lyrics
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George Martin - Producer
Glyn Johns - Engineer
Remastered and remixed aby Paul Hicks, Guy Massey and Allan Rouse
Ethan Russell - Cover photos


Site visitor reviews
6/10 Bruce Beatlefan (July 19, 2005)
Purchased this CD altho already having "Let it Be" just to see if
the exalted "Long and Winding Road as Nature Intended" would cause
me to fall on my face in adoration. Well it was nice; Paul will
probably never speak to me again (haha) when I say the version I
learned as a kid and have known for 35 years is the version I will
always hear in my mind. Anyway, for me the best of this album is
the salvation of "Don't Let Me Down", the only song in the entire
Beatles' canon which I actively disliked. The version in this album
is excellent. A regrettable omission on this album is the "I've
Got A Feeling" that you hear on "Anthology III" in which John dramatically responds to Paul's vocals...

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