Press to Play


Press to Play
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Released: 1986, 22 August
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Average song rating Stranglehold (3:35) Lyrics
Average song rating Good Times Coming / Feel the Sun (4:54) Lyrics
Average song rating Talk More Talk (5:17) Lyrics
Average song rating Footprints (4:31) Lyrics
Average song rating Only Love Remains (4:12) Lyrics
Average song rating Press (4:42) Lyrics
Average song rating Pretty Little Head (5:12) Lyrics
Average song rating Move Over Busker (4:04) Lyrics
Average song rating Angry (3:35) Lyrics
Average song rating 10  However Absurd (4:55) Lyrics
Average song rating 11  Write Away (2:59) Lyrics
Average song rating 12  It's Not True (5:52) Lyrics
Average song rating 13  Tough on a Tightrope (4:42) Lyrics
Average song rating 14  Spies Like Us (4:45) Lyrics
Average song rating 15  Once Upon Along Ago (Long Version) (4:37) Lyrics
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Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Geoff Emerick
Arrangments: Paul McCartney, George Martin

Paul McCartney
Jerry Marotta
Carlos Alomar
Eric Stewart
Eddie Rayner
Phil Collins
Pete Townshend
Nick Clennie-Smith
Dick Morrissey
Ray Cooper
Simon Chamberlain
Graham Ward
Lennie Pickett
Gary Barnacle
Gavin Wright,
John Bradbury
Harmonies: Linda McCartney, Eric Stewart, Kate Robbins, Ruby James
Spoken Word: Linda and James McCartney, Eddie Klein, John Hammel, Matt Howe, Steve Jackson

Orchestra Arranged: Tony Visconti (Only Love Remains)
Mixed by: Bert Bevans, Steve Forward (Press)
Orchestra Arranged: Anne Dudley (However Absurd)

Label: Capitol PJAS-12475

Tracks 11-15 are bonus tracks on McCartney collection reissue.


Site visitor reviews
8/10 Bruce Beatlefan (November 25, 2006)
For both of his late-1980\'s albums (Press to Play and Flowers in the Dirt), Paul McCartney has mostly abandoned the familiar melodic sound of his Beatles/Wings years and has immersed himself totally into 1980\'s music trends and sounds (with a few exceptions like \"Only Love Remains\" and \"Put it There\"). In each album he teams up with a songwriting/performing partner (the underrated Eric Stewart and the headliner Elvis Costello), and in each album it is clear that Paul is once again paying special attention to furnishing his songs with a strong lyrical message in the manner of \"Penny Lane\" or \"She\'s Leaving Home\" (after a decade of just sorta throwing out things like \'cattle beware of snipers\' and \'Magneto was mad, Titanium too!\'.
Now, Flowers in the Dirt is truly a McCartney masterpiece, chockful of superb songs, but Press to Play, although not quite up to that standard, is quite a terrific album and deserves a better place in the cosmic concensus which has unfairly bashed this collection.

Macca\'s 1980-esque sound probably painted him into a corner, as Beatle-aged McCartney fans (like myself) were mostly turned off by his turning to styles which were from the punk/new wave cesspool, while young rockers weaned on the Police and Frankie Goes to Hollywood undoubtedly looked at this album as an old fuddy-duddy trying to sound hip (rather like Bill Haley in the \'50\'s, Elvis in the \'60\'s, and the Rolling Stones every decade since). I must admit I wasn\'t exactly enthralled with Paul\'s \"new\" sound, but it didn\'t take me very many listenings to appreciate Paul\'s treatment of these sounds--with the bonus of the vastly improved lyrics.

\"Stranglehold\" is a perfect album-opener, a savage rocker which reminds me a little of the Beatles \"Hey Bulldog\". \"Good Times Coming\" is a sound reminding me of the Family DeBarge or Miami Sound Machine. \"Press\" was the hit, albeit a minor one, that brings to mind some of Hall & Oates\' music, \"Pretty Little Head\" sounds like a cross between Phil Collins\' \"Edge of Town\" and FGTH\'s \"Relax\". It\'s fun to play this game with all the songs, but my knowledge of 1980\'s music isn\'t really up to speed. But here\'s one old-guy Beatles fan who really appreciates the creativity and experimentation (not to mention the just plain good songs) in Press to Play. And man is that one cool album-cover!
7/10 John (July 14, 2005)
For some strange reason, I have always liked this album. I think it's because it is so different from anything that McCartney usually does.
Strange subject matter on some songs; Talk More Talk, Pretty Little Head. These songs also have strange sounds that a McCartney fan is just not to used to hearing.
You also get some typical catchy McCartney songs like Press and Stranglehold.
There is also the ever present McCartney ballads like Only Love Remains and Footprints. Very nice.
How could I forget the rockers like Angry and Move Over Busker? Paul trying his best to rock the house.
This CD is a potpourri of McCartney. You get a little of everything which makes it an interesting listen.

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