Some Time in New York City


Some Time in New York City
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Artist: John Lennon
Released: 1972, 12 June
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Average song rating Woman is the Nigger of the World (Lennon) - 5:18 Lyrics
Average song rating Sisters, O Sisters (Ono) - 3:49 Lyrics
Average song rating Attica State (Lennon) - 2:57 Lyrics
Average song rating Born in a Prison (Lennon) - 4:06 Lyrics
Average song rating New York City (Lennon) - 4:32 Lyrics
Average song rating Sunday Bloody Sunday (Lennon) - 5:04 Lyrics
Average song rating The Luck of the Irish (Lennon) - 2:59 Lyrics
Average song rating John Sinclair (Lennon) - 3:31 Lyrics
Average song rating Angela (Lennon) - 4:08 Lyrics
Average song rating 10  We're All Water (Lennon) - 7:14 Lyrics
Average song rating 11  Cold Turkey (Lennon) - 8:36 Lyrics
Average song rating 12  Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow) (Ono) - 16:00 Lyrics
Average song rating 13  Well...(Baby Please Don't Go) (Walter Ward) - 4:41 Lyrics
Average song rating 14  Jamrag - 5:37 Lyrics
Average song rating 15  Scumbag (John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Frank Zappa) - 6:12 Lyrics
Average song rating 16  Au - 6:20 Lyrics
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Tracks 11-16 are bonus tracks.

John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Phil Spector - Producers
Roy Cicala, Danny Turbeville - Engineers
John Lennon, Yoko Ono - Sleeve concept, realized by Al Steckler
Michael Gross - Sleeve design


Site visitor reviews
9/10 Bruce Beatlefan (January 31, 2006)
Oh gosh am I going to make Beatle/Lennon fans angry when I say I love this album!

Let me start by saying that a \"Smart Beatle\" mystique formed around John Lennon during a time when he was just spinning random, disjointed ideas off the top of his head in a very offhand manner (the songs \"She Said She Said\" or \"Happiness is a Warm Gun\" and his book \"In His Own Write\"). Unfortunately (and egged on by Yoko) he began believing the pseudo-intellectuals who were besotted by him and fell all over himself with his SERIOUS work. I know critics and fans rave about \"Plastic Ono Band\", but to me it is forty minutes of abrasive sour whine. And now this...he discovers politics (well behind the Guthrie/Dylan/Baez curve) and decides the world needs to hear his opinion (woefully uninformed and sophomoric--good grief what an embarrassment \"Attica State\" is) on drugs, foreign policy, feminism, etc. Please John please go back to Mr. Kite, Walruses, and Tickets to Ride!!!

Wait a minute...didn\'t I say I loved this album? I did. In JL-POB there is too little fun to get past the lyrical drudgery. Not so in this album! Some Time in New York City is a blast. John and Yoko, pumped up by Elephant\'s Memory Band, shriek and stomp and boogie with some of the finest and most enjoyable rock and roll they\'ve ever written. \"Attica State\" is pathetic social comment but it sizzles. \"New York City\" is John\'s greatest rocker since 1968\'s \"Revolution\". Yoko\'s 1950\'s throwbacks (\"Sister O Sister\" and \"Born in a Prison\") and her rocker (\"We\'re All Water\") are enjoyable tunes. Cynics may say that any idiot can sound good when their music is pumped up by Lennon and company, but it is Yoko\'s blistering vocal on \"Sunday Bloody Sunday\" that makes it arguably the best song on the album.

Get this album, not to be educated by the lyrics, but for the best of all reasons: It has a beat and you can dance to it.
3/10 John (July 15, 2005)
An absolute disaster. Unlistenable. A waste of time. Don't bother. What the hell was John thinking?

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